Next Old Town Peoria Event 

Holiday Festival and 2nd Saturdays

Upcoming Art Exhibition 

Portraits & Landscapes
December 14th  2019 through February 2020

Deadline for Entry is December 12th

-Artist Statement/Biography
-All entries must be for sale
25% commission will be collected on all sales.
-All entries must be original and entirely the work of the artist
-No copies, derivatives or reproductions; work cannot be based on copyrighted or previously published materials
-Entries must have been produced within the last two years.
-Artists may not substitute or alter the work, title, or price after it has been accepted.
-Iron Key Studio assumes permission to reproduce accepted artwork for promotional uses.
-All works accepted into the exhibit are to be dropped off at Iron Key Studio Gallery 1 week before the Event between 10-7pm and a copy of the application attached.
-Artwork not sold during Festival MUST be picked up no later then 30days from the Event date.
-Storage of unsold items for future pick up is not available. Therefore, if you cannot pick up your work, you will need to make arrangements for someone else to do so.  Storage Fees may apply to ArtWork remaining 30days after the scheduled event.

Oil, acrylic, pastel, tempera, airbrush, gouache, encaustic, fresco, watercolor, photography, 3D sculpture,

resin/wood, collage and mixed media with painting dominant.
Three Dimensional Art:
This category encompasses both fine artisan work based on functional concepts and non-functional three-dimensional art. Included are: clay, mosaic, metal, stone, wood, glass, fiber, and basketry. Functional dinner ware will not be accepted.
Presentation & size requirements for Three Dimensional Art
Three-dimensional work may not exceed 36H” x 24W” x 24D
No on-site assembly is allowed
Textile entries must not exceed 900 square inches
Hanging textiles, rugs or quilts must have a sleeve for mounting; a hanging rod must be provided
Presentation and size requirement for Paintings:
Finished artwork must not exceed 6 x 10ft Framed pieces must be less then 50lb fall within these specifications.
Artwork must be wired for hanging. Sawtooth picture hangers are not accepted.

Hanging wire may be visible ONLY if it is part of the overall design of the piece.
Paintings and Three Dimensional Works are juried online

Digital images are required for online entry
Formatting Your Images JPEG, PDF, PNG
Please follow these specifications in order to attach these images to your application successfully.
Recommended Dimensions: 1920 pixels on the longest side.
Note: To assist artists who do not have images that are 1920 pixels or larger, the system will also accept images that are at least 1400 pixels on the longest side.
File Format: Save all images as Baseline Standard JPEG. Do not save as a Progressive JPEG.
File Size: JPEGs should be under 5 MB in size.
Recommended Resolution:between 72-300 dpi
Note: You may need to lower your resolution if the file size is larger than 5 MB.
Color space: Save images in RGB color space.

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