If for any reason you are unable to make your tattoo appointment, we require 24 hour notice.  Confirmed Cancellation with your Artist.  If you leaving a Voicemail, Email, or TEXT  its possible that the message may not reach the Artists until the time of your appointment or After.   So make sure you speak to your artist to confirm.  

      Failure to do this (unless by unforeseen circumstances) will result in forfeiting your Deposit.  This includes no-shows.  In order to keep your deposit,  you must either appear at the time and date of your appointment, Contact your artist to Cancel or Reschedule your Appointment 24 hours prior.

             (Earlier Notice of Cancelations are much Appreciated)
     If proper notice is Not given to cancel an appointment or reschedule, You will forfeit your deposit and will be required to apply another deposit to book any future booking time.  

                          Respectfully Iron Key Studio Artist